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Top 10 Best Selling Grocery Products

Ryan Willis

What are your top products when you go shopping? Do you have those items on your shopping list that you just have to buy every time? Data compiled from sales from UK multiples, convenience stores, independent grocers, newsagents and tobacconists through the year of 2014, has revealed the top selling grocery products.

1. Smirnoff 38% 1000ml Vodka Spirits

Weighing in at number one with a sales value of £191.4m, its Smirnoff 1000ml Vodka Spirits.

2. Walkers Crisps 6ct 150gr Crisps

At number two were big bags of Walkers Crisps which boasted a sales value of £179.1m.

3. Smirnoff 38% 700ml Vodka Spirits

In the number three spot were slightly smaller bottles of Smirnoff spirits which had a sales value of £165.2m.

4. Pringles 1ct 190gr Snacks

More crisps find their way onto the top 10, with packs of Pringles showing a sales value of £161.0m

5. Coca Cola Standard 500ml 1ct

Rounding off the top five was Coca Cola, with an impressive sales value of £138.2m.

6. Kingsmill White Standard 800gr

It seems the UK likes its White Bread the most, with Kingsmill White Loafs boasting a total sales value of £135.1m

7. Walkers Crisps 1ct 32.5gr Crisps

Walkers crisps make their second appearance in the top 10, with a market value of £134.9m

8. Warburtons White Standard 800gr (Toastie)

Warburtons make their first appearance on the list with a sales value of £133.3m

9. The Famous Grouse 40% 1000ml Whiskey

The Famous Grouse claims a sales value of £130.4m, sitting in 9th place.

10. Hovis White Standard 800gr

Finishing off the list in tenth place is Hovis White Loafs with a sales value of £120m.

What do these findings mean, it would seem that people in the UK like their crisps and alcohol.

Does this top 10 surprise you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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