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The Psychology of Till-Side Product Displays

Ryan Willis

When it comes to increasing the number of sales in your stores, understanding consumer behaviour is key. But, with so much to do on a daily basis, many shop owners simply don’t have the time to get to grips with the basics of what influences buyer decisions. It’s true that every consumer is unique, but there are also instances when our brains react in a similar way. Finding creative and ethical ways to use these subtleties is one secret to boosting sales in your stores.

One of the most simple rules of consumer behaviour is that people are more likely to purchase something they see frequently. As we all know, the modern consumer spends more time than they would like waiting in shop queues. In fact, research shows that British shoppers spend an average of 7 minutes queueing a week, with 89 percent of people leaving a shop or business as a result of excessive queueing. That’s valuable time customers can spend interacting with products they might not usually consider or even really need, but till-side product displays can make consumers do strange things.

The psychology of till-side displays

When consumers make buying decision, their choices are influenced by a wide range of factors. Everything from price, looks, past experience, reviews and the marketing of the product all come into play. Based on all of these factors and more, a potential customer will either stop and take notice or walk right on by.

The psychology of till-side products is very different. Here, the customer cannot make a split-second decision. The checkout is the final stage in an exhausting process for the brain. At this point in time, the consumer is no longer focused on making rational decisions about the products they to want and this makes it more difficult to resist items they wouldn’t usually give a second thought. This is particularly the case when the product is desirable, such as a chocolate bar or snack, particularly when the consumer is exposed to that item for a longer period of time.

How can you use the psychology of till-side products to increase sales?

For retailers, the use of till-side product displays represents a significant opportunity to expose consumers to products they might not usually consider. For certain products, simply noticing them is enough to illicit desire, even if there was no intention to buy the item when entering the store. This then becomes environmentally-led, as it normalises the processes of making impulse buys at the till.

Retailers wishing to capitalise on till-side psychology should stock low-involvement, desirable items such as chocolate and snacks, or low-cost consumables with a high utilitarian value, such as batteries, which elicit an unconscious need which might have been forgotten.

While till-side product displays are not typically used for more expensive items, they can also drive higher cost purchases. For example, digital screens can be used to show more expensive products in action to increase brand engagement and potentially encourage a return visit.

The growing importance of till-side displays

Till-side product displays are of increasing importance to marketers and retailers for three reasons:

  • They often prove to be more successful than other types of marketing and promotion expenditure;
  • The decline in sales support at store level has stimulated interest in this type of display among retailers;
  • Changes to consumer shopping behaviour and an increase in impulse buying means till-side displays play a more important role in decision making than ever before.

Different types of till-side displays

There are a wide range of different displays that can be used around the checkout to draw the customers’ attention to certain products, special offers and promotions. That includes everything from promotional stands, bargain bins, display packs and shelf-edging.

However, despite the wide range of till-side display options, retailers should still think carefully about the type of displays they use. Retailers are rightfully becoming more selective than they were once, with constraints being imposed such as restricting the height of displays to preserve the views across the store. It’s also important to maintain consistency with the rest of the shelving and accessories that have been used.

How can we help?

At Nabco, we have an independently designed a range of till-side product displays that provide unparalleled flexibility. Most importantly, they take just minutes to install, so you can have your products in front of your customers in minutes. Take a look at our Q50i Shelving System to see how we can help you maximise your till-side merchandising opportunities.
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