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In the Spotlight - Our Design Service

Ryan Willis

There are a number of factors which can affect the success of a business, but we clearly make merchandising seriously. Even the smallest details can make all the difference, so it is important that we help our customers effectively present their products and keep things fresh in order to maintain customer curiosity and boost customer spending.

If you, as a business can offer effective presentation of products on the shop floor, while cutting costs in the production and delivery of product shelving - you're onto a winner. We developed Nabco Design to help our customers do just that.

Our expert designers work as closely with our clients as possible to get the perfect design outcome for them, whilst keeping spending low.

Cost Saving

We have a number of ingenious techniques for keeping the cost of refurbishing a shop floor (or a number of shop floors) as low as possible without compromising on quality. This is all based on taking the design back to it's roots, and making a few key changes which have massive gains further on; whether it's subtly changing the materials, how the shelving is shipped or where it's delivered from.

With the above produce shelving, the original construction meant the shelves were welded together prior to shipping, causing a heavy limitation to how many which were shipped at any time.

Produce shelving exploded View

The impact on the customer is that they were paying far over the odds on shipping - one of the largest potential costs in the process. Our solution would be to change how the shelves were assembled, most crucially changing how they were shipped.

The effect is that instead of using a number of pallets to deliver bulky shelving, causing higher delivery bills, the number of pallets can be reduced and hence, the delivery costs become significantly lower.

When this approach really shines is when you are ordering at scale, for small or one-off deliveries the savings may not be as profound, however, for large projects or roll-outs across a number of locations, it can lower the unit cost up to 70%!

Value Engineering

This innovative approach to shelving design is known as ‘value engineering’ and offers a whole new perspective on the design of shelving for display purposes. And just because it’s value engineered, doesn't mean that it can't be bespoke - in fact, it is more likely to be bespoke as we adapt to each situation, and the wants and needs of our customers on an individual basis.

Our new video illustrates perfectly how our value engineering concept works both in theory and in practice…

Individual Needs

Our designers can incorporate a whole range of shelving solutions according to your specific needs, including bespoke metal / joiner / PETG and acrylic design, and finishings and fixings. 3D renders, drawings and sketches, like those above, can be provided as well as assembly instructions.

If you or your business have specific shelving needs and are looking to refurbish your shop floor with state of the art shelving at the lowest cost possible, we can help you.

Get in touch with our expert retail shelving design team today to discuss what we can do for you.

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