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Creating the Right Shopping Environment for East of England Co-op

Ryan Willis

We love a good success story here at Nabco, and the rise of the East of England Co-op is certainly one of those. From 2016-17, the East of England Co-op posted turnover of £347.709m for 2016-17, that's an impressive 2.7% increase.

Based in the Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire, the East of England Co-op is the largest independent retailer in the region, offering a plethora of locally sourced produce, budget offerings and products from major brands - alongside an array of other services. The East of England Co-op's latest figures have cemented the brand firmly in the Top 100 Companies in Norfolk & Suffolk, where it currently occupies eighth position.

So what lies behind the East of England Co-op's impressive growth despite the UK's political and economic turbulence? And what “special sauce” has been fueling the company's growth?

In-store Investment

The answer appears to lie in the East of England Co-op's recent investment in their physical stores. Over 2016-17, the company invested heavily in refurbishments for 33 of their 125 food stores and opened a cutting edge “new generation” store in Woodbridge. According to Joint Chief Executive, Doug Field, the reasons behind this are straightforward:

“People like to shop in a nice environment [...] if a customer gets to the end of the road and our store is on the right and a competitor’s store is on the left, we want them to always turn right”.

Sleek Shelving

Nabco shelving has played a role in the transformations which are making customers increasingly “turn right” and choose East of England Co-op’s pleasant shopping experience over the available alternatives. By installing our Evolve shelving system at EoE stores, the East of England Co-op has been able to present products attractively and practically, maximising access and ensuring everything from fresh local goods to exotic treats look fantastic (and tempting) on the shelf.

Automated Replenishment

Automating the replenishment of our attractive shelving has also helped the East of England Co-op flourish over the past year. Their new stock system keeps track of the goods which are flying off the shelves, ensuring there are no empty spaces and demand never exceeds supply.

Investment in East of England Co-op's stores is certainly paying off for the brand, which originally relied heavily on customer loyalty. Today loyal customers and new converts inspired by stylish in-store upgrades are keeping the company's profits looking very healthy indeed.

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