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Seasonal Displays - Timing and Strategic Placement Tips

Ryan Willis

These days, it seems like seasons and holidays are coming and going as quickly as the chocolates you received for Valentine’s Day.

Most retailers have seasonal isles in addition to entrance displays around the store, and are starting to introduce their holiday displays as soon as the day after the previous holiday.

Yet, how early is too early?

According to research, it is never too early to put out advertising displays if you are strategic in the products you advertise and deliberate in your display presentation.

In fact, marketing research has shown that a store redesign that is clean, simple and makes the process easier for shoppers can actually increase in-store sales during a time where digital sales are rising.

How do I implement strategic shelving?

As St. Patrick’s Day and the Easter season approaches, figuring out a way to place products in the most effective way can be a difficult process. Some products and placement suggestions we have include:

Incorporating entrance displays using the W50i Wire Shelving System

Psychological research has revealed that the more times a person has seen a product or image, the more likely he or she will purchase or have a positive feeling about that product or image.

Incorporating entrance displays is a great visual persuasive technique and our range of wire shelving systems are just the right size to accomplish the job!

Queue temptations with the Q50i

Environment and behaviour studies on fruits and vegetables as well as chocolate have also shown that proximity and visibility impact intake and behaviour.

So, what better way to influence your market than to place a streaking isle of temptations in the queue that includes products such as Creme Eggs, Cadbury Caramel eggs, Mini Eggs and other quick purchase branded ‘value’ eggs on one of our Q50i products?

In addition to this, you can also implement other effective sales placement techniques!

Top 5 Product Placement Tips for Easter

1. Insert cuddly toys where possible

Since most shoppers who are buying Easter products are likely parents, aunties or uncles, we recommend that you use intermittent cuddly toys to theme your displays wherever possible and maybe a few half with eaten carrots?

2. Place card stands nearby

Not everybody who shops for Easter buys toys or chocolate eggs and some people prefer sending cards or also send cards in addition to other gifts. You should ensure that you have a small card stand nearby for those who send cards.

3. Give shoppers a secondary food option

Unfortunately, some people do not even bother going near the Easter egg section due to allergies, intolerances and dietary preferences. If you provide multiple options on your shelf that are vegan, non-dairy and gluten-free it will show that you care for your customers and could potentially improve your customer service specific to those audiences.

4. Take advantage of cross-selling opportunities

Is your business selling anything else that could relate to Easter or spring such as baby clothes that include chicks, or gardening equipment and bird houses? Placing these products on shelves nearby could provide you with multiple cross-selling opportunities.

5. Get the kids involved

Kids are one of your primary audiences because they can influence their parents decisions. If it is possible, you should hire an Easter bunny or get kids shopping with their parents involved in an Easter Hunt, which could include hiding 10 ‘chicks’ around the story for children to find as they shop.

The possibilities are endless!

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