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S50i: A Product Born of Years of Listening to Our Customers

Ryan Willis

At the risk of bursting into song, time changes everything, and that includes the needs of shopfitters and merchandisers. To meet these changing needs, it’s important not to stand still, that we evolve. That’s a lesson many businesses have learned the hard way.

It’s no accident we have named our ranges  “Evolve”, as our range of shelving solutions is at the very core of what we believe in. It has been designed to the highest specification, with high-quality finishes and tremendous durability. But that alone is not enough.

Over the years, our Evolve range has been redesigned and refined to the meet the changing needs of different customers. It is this continuous evolution that makes Nabco the leading independent retail shelving provider in the UK, and the Evolve S50i our most versatile and popular range.  

Meeting the changing needs of our customer groups

We are always taking with the shopfitters and merchandisers who rely on our product, they tell us what they want and need from their shelving. We take this feedback and refine our offering to create a product that can withstand their demands - this is something we have done time and time again. By listening to our customers and acting on what they tell us, we have created products that are geared specifically to them.

S50i for shopfitters

Evolve S50i delivers the flexibility, ease of use and exceptional finish shopfitters have told us they need. Not only that, but it is also the quickest to assemble shelving solution on the market with universal measurements across the range.

But that’s not all. There are other compelling benefits of the S50i range for shopfitters:

  • All Nabco stock comes boxed rather than shrink-wrapped to a pallet. Although this may sound more like a choice than a benefit, it actually means there’s no movement in transit so no scratches or damage can be caused. The result is retail shelving that arrives in immaculate condition every time.
  • Another benefit of being boxed rather than shrink wrapped is that shopfitters can simply drop the number of shelves they need at each aisle when the store is being fitted out. This is much easier and quicker than splitting a pallet load. It is these small changes that make a big difference.
  • All the edges of the range are rounded, which means shopfitters and customers can avoid being cut when handling the shelves. It’s a simple step, but it’s hard to believe many others do this.  
  • There are no tools required for assembly to make the shopfitter’s job quicker, safer and easier. There’s also no minimum order value and next day delivery.

S50i for merchandisers

The Evolve S50i runs from edge-to-edge, which means there’s more of the precious space to display products that merchandisers’ crave.

But that’s just one of the benefits of this innovative range:

  • Evolve shelves painted all over, which means it lasts longer, doesn’t rust and looks its best from all angles. This gives merchandisers more choice about how they display their products.
  • The S50i has standard measurements so it can be used with other ranges such as the Evolve Q-system. That means simple changes can be made without having to de-merchandise the entire bay, which is less disruptive than removing the bay and starting again.
  • Perhaps most importantly, the cross-compatibility of the S50i with other parts of the Evolve range means businesses can save money and make changes to their displays more quickly, which is perfect for busy stores.
  • There’s also no minimum order value and next day delivery

We also provide a bespoke solution

Although we are constantly making changes to our Evolve S50i range to better meet the needs of shopfitters and merchandises as a whole, we can also use value engineering to create bespoke shelving solutions to overcome the particular challenges you face. Just get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to present your products in a low-cost and attractive way.

Take a look at our Evolve S50i shelving options or call our team on 01727 841828 to find out more.   

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