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Retailers Warned Not To Neglect Superstores

Ryan Willis

With the continued rise of ecommerce stores as consumer habits evolve towards online shopping, it is perhaps an expected result that retailers’ bricks and mortar superstores will suffer from some level of neglect in favour of the development of ecommerce websites. However, a leading retail analyst has given new hope to superstore managers suggesting that neglecting bricks and mortar stores will be a bad move indeed.

New Technologies

A report in The Grocer has suggested that an influx of new technology into supermarket stores, helping to continually improve the supermarket experience. Faster checkout systems such as fully-automated scanners and mobile PoS systems are expected to play a crucial role as superstores fight back against the emergence and indeed, dominance of ecommerce websites and online checkout systems.

Top analysts in the marketplace believe that there is now more than enough technology to reinvigorate their superstores, with the message being clear that retailers should not underestimate the role that their superstores will play in the overall and sustained success of their supermarket brand.

In fact, it would seem that even established ecommerce heavy hitters such as Amazon have recognised the importance of physical stores, with lockers and pop-up stores seemingly being the order of the day. For many shoppers.

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