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Proud to Support the Local Police's Cyber Bullying Initiative

Ryan Willis

Every year, the local police authorities launch an initiative, which local businesses like Nabco are invited to support.

This year, the theme of the initiative is making teenagers aware of cyber bullying, how to protect themselves from it and how to react if they feel they are being targeted.

Bullying UK defines cyber bullying as: "any form of bullying which takes place online or through smartphones and tablets."

This can include social networking sites, messaging apps, gaming sites and chat rooms, for example, Facebook, XBox Live, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat.

Types of cyber bullying include: harassment, denigration, flaming, impersonation, outing and trickery, cyber stalking, exclusion, spreading rumours and gossip, threatening behaviour, blackmail and grooming, abusive comments and the sharing and sending of inappropriate images.

Rather worryingly, most young people will experience cyber bullying in one form or another, or will at least be exposed to it at some time.

The national bullying survey conducted by Bullying UK revealed that 56% of young people said they had seen others being bullied online, and 42% said they've felt unsafe online.

Cyber bullying can escalate very quickly and, in extreme cases, can become part of the viral effect, with devastating consequences.

As a family business with connections to many young teenagers, we are very aware of the threat cyber bullying poses, so we're keen to raise awareness of this important issue and do our bit to help protect young people who might otherwise fall victim to it.

This infographic has been produced to help young people deal with cyber bullying, please share it with anyone who might find it useful...

Cyber bulling infographic

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