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Our Support of ‘Prevent’

Ryan Willis

Here at Nabco, we are delighted to announce our support of ‘PREVENT’, a charity and publication produced by the Police Force that focuses on the many dangers children face online. The magazine is solely funded by corporate sponsorship, so we are happy to do our bit and to keep this valuable resource in publication and distributed as widely as possible.

As well as an online magazine, the PREVENT charity also produces an extensive library of resources for parents, posters and even ready-made lesson plans to help teachers make children aware of the risks they face when using the internet.

Protecting children in the modern world

The internet provides a wealth of opportunities for children to research, communicate, play interactive games and learn how to use modern technology. But children who are old enough to type a few letters using a keyboard can access an almost infinite amount of information, some of which can put them at risk.  

Many of you out there will have children who are in their teenage years and younger, and like us, you will no doubt be worried about the challenge you face to keep them safe online. The McAfee Survey of Children and Parents found that one-in-three children have been a victim of cyberbullying, while one-in-four children have experienced something upsetting when using a social media site.

It’s difficult enough protecting our children in the real world, but making sure they’re safe online is a different matter entirely and something that causes us, as parents, a great deal of concern. The aim of PREVENT is to improve the quality of life for many youngsters for whom the internet is becoming a threat to their safety and empower parents to safeguard and educate their children.   

Seasonal magazines and SAFETY:NET

As well as the seasonal PREVENT magazine, with the latest Summer 2017 issue featuring an article on the specific threat of sexual abuse online, the charity has also produced SAFETY:NET, a free guide for parents and care providers about protecting their children online. This includes advice about safe search engines for children, how to report online abuse and techniques to prevent cyberbullying.

As a business full of parents, this is a cause that’s extremely important to us and one that we are delighted to support and hope to continue supporting for a very long time.  

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