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Nabco Designs: Bringing the Kitchen into the Store

Ryan Willis

With increasing cost pressures in the retail sector and spend in many bricks and mortar shops down, it’s more important than ever to achieve the most attractive store design at the lowest possible price. But with more people than ever shopping online, your products need to be displayed in such a way that compels customers to buy in-store. This is clearly a difficult balancing act, but it’s one that here at Nabco, we’re committed to helping you achieve.

Creating statement kitchen bays

A number of customers have approached us about creating bespoke kitchen bays which they can use to showcase kitchen electronic items in store. This is something we knew we could help with, but, aware of the cost pressures in the retail sector, we wanted to create a solution that made use of the existing shelving our customers already had in their stores.

The Evolve S50i – the perfect tool for the job

The challenge we faced was creating a bespoke kitchen bay that was cost-effective as well as being easy to transport and assemble.

To do this, we decided to use the Evolve S50i, an existing range of retail shelving solutions that offers exceptional value for money. It is also one of the most flexible solutions available and is quick and easy to install and has a robust and superior finish, making it an ideal base for a:

  • 1-metre wide kitchen bay with 2100mm uprights
  • With a 470mm base leg

This shelving will already be available to most shop owners and will not require additional production time, making it the perfect tool for the job.

Transforming the S50i into a kitchen bay

To add the kitchen element to the existing shelving, we created a prefabricated, tiled backboard which can slot into the uprights easily with no additional tools or fixings required. Of course, no kitchen is complete without a worktop, so we cut a 100mm piece of material that could be mounted on glass or wood brackets to a depth of 470mm.

This gives retailers plenty of space to display electronic products on the worktop, creating an excellent end-of-aisle display to highlight specific deals and offers. The result is an attractive, robust kitchen bay created with just a few key changes to keep costs down, but which can have considerable gains when it comes to the display and sale of kitchen electronic items.

In Store

Cost effective shelving solutions for you

If you or your business have specific shelving needs and are looking to refurbish your shop floor with state-of-the-art shelving at the lowest possible cost, we can help. Just get in touch with our design team to discuss your options today.

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