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Making Your Fresh Produce Shine

Ryan Willis

There’s nothing better when walking into a supermarket than being greeted by an (artistically) overflowing display of colourful fresh produce. But how do you achieve this bountiful and natural appearance whilst giving your customers easy access and keeping your produce in the best condition?

Whether you stock fruit and veg, fresh fish, just-baked bread or all of the above, displaying your fresh produce correctly is vital when it comes to tempting your customers into making a purchase. Here are some of our top tips for crafting the finest displays.

Keep it Fresh

The first and most important thing you can do is make sure that your produce is up to scratch in the first place. Customers will be put off by wilted, limp or, worst of all, mouldy produce, so keep an eye on your stock throughout the day and make sure to remove anything that’s past its metaphorical (or real) sell-by date.

Keep it Clean

Similarly, dusty or dirty shelves are a real no-no when it comes to making fresh produce look appealing. Make sure your shelving looks fresh and clean; purchasing a shelving system that holds removable trays will make life a lot easier, as it’s much simpler to remove and clean trays regularly than it is to clean a whole unit.

Keep it Natural

When it comes to fresh produce, customers tend to be attracted to displays that look natural and rustic, rather than covered in plastic; psychologically speaking, it makes food look healthier and more organic. Make use of raw materials such as wooden baskets, wooden crates or even natural string to tie bunches of flowers or vegetables together to give your display an appealing organic vibe.

Keep it Accessible

Whatever is being bought, customers don’t want to be stretching up too high, bending down too low or reaching into crevices to retrieve their purchases. This is especially relevant when it comes to fresh produce; customers like to pick and choose which items they want to buy, so they need good visibility of the product. Sloping shelves work best in this respect; they give customers easy access while also giving the illusion of abundance that makes fresh produce so attractive.

Keep it Clear

Since fresh produce rarely comes with a barcode, it’s important to make prices very clear so customers know exactly what they’re spending. Indeed, people can often be put off from making a selection if they can’t work out how much something costs. Equip your shelving with ticket moulds so that price cards can be easily swapped out and changed as and when you need. Highlight any special or end-of-day deals on larger signage, such as a chalkboard, to attract attention and draw people in to your fresh produce section.

Keep it Together

There’s a reason most large supermarkets keep all of their fresh produce in one place; it makes it easy to find and also provides a colourful and great-smelling welcome to customers. You can find out more in our article about the retail psychology behind shop layouts.

Shelving from Nabco is perfect for displaying fruit and veg, baked goods and many other types of fresh produce. We can also offer you personalised advice on the best way to design your store and display your stock. Get in touch today to find out more.

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