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LED Lighting System


LED Lighting Systems


  • Safe & simple to install without the need of electricians - can be installed in minutes
  • Led lights for bay sizes 500, 666, 800, 1000, and 1250mm
  • Low cost running, for e.g. a 1000mm LED light units uses only 10w
  • Low maintenance, typical 1000mm LED light will run for 50,000 hours without maintenance
  • Comes with magnetic wires which attach to the underside of metal shelves
  • LED driver (power unit) simply sits under the base shelf

Why Choose LED?

Our aim was to provide a lighting solution for the highly acclaimed SG50 shelving range. Our challenge was to design a product that could be easily installed without the need of electricians. A simple “plug & play” product. We also needed to create a system that worked for both new & retro-fitted installations.


Quick & Easy Installation

Moving the LED lights couldn’t be easier, simply disconnect from the light track & move to a new location, shelves can be staggered as every light is individually connected.

The Nabco low voltage system offers peace of mind, working on a 24 volt system used by airlines & shipping companies throughout the world ensures that customers & staff are safe. The lighting is safe to the touch and safe to the products it illuminates. The LED drivers have further added safety benefits, should there be any power overload or too many lights added to the system the driver simply cuts out.

No Electrician Required

A simple magnetic light track almost magically attaches itself to the rear back panels of the shelving unit. The magnetic solution was further added to both the LED light ttings & to the wires connecting the LED’s to the light track.

Simply attach the LED light units to the underside of the metal shelf & connect to the rear light track. Hey presto “light & warmth” to the shelf products in minutes. Dangerous hanging wires are now a thing of the past, the magnetic wiring simply attaches to the metal shelves.

Description Led Light size Lumen Voltage Power Color
LED Light fitting for 500mm Shelf 450mm 441LM 24V 5.7W White 6500K
LED Light fitting for 665mm Shelf 650mm 617LM 24V 8.5W White 6500K
LED Light fitting for 800mm Shelf 750mm 726LM 24V 12.9W White 6500K
LED Light fitting for 1000mm Shelf 950mm 936LM 24V 12.9W White 6500K
LED Light fitting for 1250mm Shelf 1150mm 1170LM 24V 15.7W White 6500K
LED Light Track 1800mm White
LED Light Track 1800mm White
LED Driver starter with 13 AMP plug 75W White
LED Driver follow on with link lead 75W White
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