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Key Statistics Emerge from the Co-op Report

Ryan Willis

A retrospective recently published by the Co-operative Group has given an incredible insight into the way that convenience retailing has changed over the past 50 years. Some truly fascinating statistics have shown how the way we shop has changed dramatically. Here are just a few of our favourite finds:

We spend less of our income on food.

This represents a big change, with Brits spending approximately 12% less of their income on food then they did in 1965 (23%).

We are shopping less frequently.

Back in 1965, one in three women shopped every day for groceries. These days, we shop far less with only 3% of people shopping every day.

We are still walking to the shops.

In 1965, 68% of shoppers walked to their local stores to shop. Somewhat surprisingly that number has only dropped by 7% today.

The shopping gender gap is closing.

In the 1960’s, 76% of grocery shoppers were women, whilst only 24% were men. The split now is 61% women and 39% men.

Shoppers are faster.

This year, the average shoppers spends about 5.6 minutes in a store, back in 1965, this was much longer at approximately 13 minutes.

Milk is still the number one convenience item.

Since 1965, the average contents of shopping baskets have changed dramatically, but one thing remains exactly the same….milk is the number one convenience item. 

Friday is still the key shopping day.

Back in the 1960s, Friday was the busiest day for convenience shopping. And perhaps slightly surprisingly, it still is.

The way we shop is constantly changing. Every day, we make changes to the way in which we engage with convenience stores and products, which highlight just how different we are.

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