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Introducing the Evolve LED Lighting System

Ryan Willis

The next generation of LED shelf lighting systems is here to illuminate your retail space.

As lighting technology evolves, so do our products. The latest innovation in shelf lighting systems is the Evolve LED lighting system, a quick and easy solution that allows you to quickly and cost effectively draw customers’ attention to presentation areas and highlight the products on display.

Research has shown that the simple addition of shelf lighting can increase sales by 13 percent, making this a bright investment that’ll generate an instant return.

A Magnetic Solution

The Evolve LED lighting system has been designed and engineered to work with the Evolve S50i range of shelving. The main challenge the designers had to overcome was to create a shelf lighting system that could be easily installed without the need for an electrician.

That has been achieved using a simple magnetic light track that attaches to the rear back panels of the shelving unit. Magnetic strips were also added to both the LED light fittings and to the wires connecting the LEDs to the light track. The result is a lighting system that can be installed safely in minutes.

A Safe, Usable System

While the Evolve LED lighting system might create a warm and welcoming glow, it is completely safe for customers and staff to touch and causes no damage to the products it illuminates. Should there be a power overload or too many lights added to the system, the driver simply cuts out.

The system also works equally well on new and retro-fitted systems, with the LED lights simply being disconnected from the light track before being moved to a new location. The result is a low cost, low maintenance, low energy lighting solution that can be installed in minutes.

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Please get in touch to request our Evolve LED lighting system brochure or find out more here. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss how the new Evolve LED lighting system can help you meet your shop fitting needs, or would like information about any of our other products, please give our expert team a call on 01727 841 828.

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