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How Do You Bring Customer Experience to the Convenience Store?

Ryan Willis

Many people would argue that convenience itself plays a huge part in enhancing the customer experience in convenience stores. In such a competitive market, price, selection and customer service all have an important part to play, but creating a truly convenient experience, where the products are highly visible, easy to access and displayed simply yet elegantly is the key to attracting and retaining customers.

For many stores, convenience is their sole competitive differentiator. Due to their size, particularly of the independent convenience stores, they cannot compete on price with the supermarkets. They also have a more limited choice than other retailers.

The reason they continue to thrive and survive in a world increasingly dominated by online sales is their convenience. Customers can pop in on their way home from work or as they're passing and get the bits and pieces they need much more quickly than they can elsewhere.

But how can shop owners enhance and improve this key element of customer experience in their stores?

The Evolve S50i Shelving System

Nabco’s Evolve S50i range of shelving solutions and accessories is designed with elegance and simplicity in mind. Well presented, accessible merchandise has a central part to play in creating a convenient customer experience.

Rather than gimmicky, tech-enabled solutions, the Evolve W50i wire shelving range relies on its strong, resilient wire construction, which also boasts a high-quality finish and smart appearance (when compared to standard sheet metal shelving) to display your products in the very best way.

This is supplemented by a range of point-of-sale displays that further enhance the convenience of your store.

The Evolve LED Shelf Lighting System

The latest addition to the Evolve range is a selection of magnetic LED lighting solutions that ensure your products are highly visible and looking their best.

There are also no wires or cables to obscure the customers’ view or obstruct them as they reach for the products. As well improving the aesthetics of your store, research has also shown that the addition of shelf lighting can increase sales by 13%, making this an investment that will generate an instant return.

The Benefits for the Shop Owner

For the shop owner, the benefits of the Evolve shelving system and accessories range include:

  • Cost-effectiveness – As well as being safe, sturdy and designed to the highest specification, the Evolve shelving range is also extremely competitively priced.
  • No minimum order level – Shop owners can order any product in the Evolve range, in any quantity and with no minimum order size. So, if you only want to replace a single bay, you can.
  • Speed of delivery – If you need a product urgently, the Nabco team will do everything they can to get your order out to you as quickly as possible.
  • Flexibility – Our products and accessories are consistent and transferable across the entire range, so you can tailor your own shelving solution without needing to buy new components each time.

At Nabco, you can make your small independent or chain convenience store more convenient, for less. Learn more about our LED lighting system or get in touch to request our Evolve wire shelving system brochure.

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