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How To Create the Perfect Window Display

Ryan Willis

From Harrods’ Christmas extravaganzas to Selfridges’ iconic collaborations, famous window displays are the perfect example of how this age-old design tactic can put a shop on the map.

Whether you’re a huge department store or small, local shop, window displays are crucial for attracting your customers’ attention and showing off what makes you unique. Here are some of the best we’ve seen.

Look to Nature

Source: Pinterest

Nature-based displays are always a good idea because they make your store look bright, fresh and invigorating. This award-winning display for LK Bennett, created by florist Jacqui Arnold, mixes fun and eye-catching elements with vibrant colours that make the shop look and feel like a breath of fresh air.

Be Yourself

Source: Pinterest

One of the most important things a window display needs to do is tell the customer exactly who you are and what you do. This fun display leaves passers-by in no doubt as to who these wine merchants are. Big, bold and creative choices are always bound to work.

Stay Seasonal

Source: Pinterest

A good rule of thumb is to always make sure your window display is inspired by the season. It’s the best way to display products that will be relevant to your customers as well as helping your shop feel festive and welcoming. That’s not to say you have to stick to traditional decorations though. Interpret seasonal themes in a way that’s relevant to your business, like this clever Acqui di Parma gift box Christmas tree.

Tell a Story

Source: Pinterest

Some window displays can make the mistake of choosing a theme then accessorising with random objects centred around that theme. Truly compelling window displays tell a story, whether that’s the story of the brand, the season, the specific product that’s on sale, or the story of the lifestyle associated with that product. This Bergdorf Goodman window was part of a series called ‘Destination Extraordinary’, selling summer clothes with displays that make you want to book a holiday.

Use Lighting

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Don’t forget that your display will have to be just as eye-catching after dark – especially in winter when the nights draw in. Creative lighting can be beautiful and eye-catching while placing a literal spotlight on your product, like these stylish Louis Vuitton bags.

Know Your Space

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While it can be tempting to try to emulate the bigger department store windows, not all retailers will have the space. If you’re working in a smaller space, a good rule is to keep it simple and clean to avoid your display looking cluttered or messy. This Chanel display uses simplicity and clever lighting to striking effect.

People love fun, welcoming and creative displays that get them in the mood for the season, so introduce these elements into your shop window and you’re sure to catch some eyes. If you need any more advice on how to create the most attractive window displays, feel free to get in touch with our display and shelving experts today.

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