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How Can Retailers Personalise the In-store Shopping Experience?

Ryan Willis

If you've ever been followed around the web by a pair of shoes you almost ordered, been welcomed back to a favourite online store with a personalised message or received a special voucher in an email for a particular collection of products you like, you'll know just how rampant personalisation is when it comes to the world of online retail.

Cookies, algorithms and user accounts all make it easier than ever before for digital brands to tailor their online shop fronts to every individual user. Amazon's “Frequently Bought Together” and “Similar Products” tools are thought to have a hugely beneficial impact on sales. And while this ever-evolving trend may feel more “creepy” with each new sophisticated update, there's no denying that offering a personalised shopping experience really works online.

So how can this effect be replicated in real world stores? Following our recent post on embracing social media and smart technology in store, we decided to take a closer look at how physical stores can start benefiting from a similar approach...

Store & loyalty cards

The information collected via store and loyalty cards is a treasure trove of data which could make in store shopping more geared towards individuals. While we are all special snowflakes in our own right, there are many trends and demographics which can lead us to follow a few common paths.

Using information collected via store cards, businesses can observe which customer are buying which products, when they're buying them, where they're buying them and what they're buying alongside each purchase. This data can then be shared with store planners, shop fitters and shelving designers to maximise convenience, create a better in store experience and maximise sales too.

Barcode follow ups & e-receipts

When an item is scanned in store during a transaction, sensitive skin cosmetics store Malin + Goetz offers a personalised “follow up” service to their customers, which checks in with them via email after a three week period to ask for feedback, develop the relationship, highlight available offers and help trigger a repeat order.

Of course, customers will need to share their details with the store to open this window of opportunity, an approach which brands like Accessorize and Monsoon have also been using to some degree of success – despite the fact that many customers are increasingly unwilling to share this information. The future of this technique has to be loyalty apps, which offer customers deals and discounts in return for sharing their data.

In store screens, beacons & billboards

From screens which display live social media content aggregated by tools like Miappi, to beacon technology which sends push notifications, including offers, to customers' phones as they navigate stores; billboards and beacons are big news in real life retail. Screens which showcase shoppers' images, names and recommended products have been trialled by developers like Open Moments, while other businesses have been toying with facial recognition software to help identify VIP customers deserving of special in store attention.

While retail personalisation continues to evolve, there are plenty of additional ways to improve customers' in store experiences, without using their data. Our innovative shelving solutions help you build smart displays which attract customers and make shopping accessible for all. Browse our website to learn more or contact the Nabco team today on: 01727 841828.

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