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A Hero Bay for all Seasons

Ryan Willis

In the retail environment, there are the shelves and fixtures you have for the store as a whole. They need to be cost-effective, durable and attractive to cater for all your shelving needs. They should also be adaptable so you can chop and change your store design as and when you need to.

However, as well as displaying their main line of products, effective merchandisers also make use of fixtures and shelving to highlight the diversity of their product range and draw their customers’ attention to specific offers. When you’re looking for something just a little bit special, the Nabco Wire and LED ranges are the simple way to make particular offers or products the star of the show.

Put your products in the spotlight

As ranges, our wire shelving and LED lighting system are not designed to dominate a store. Instead, they should be used sparingly to highlight key shelves and separate particular merchandising sections. Differentiating your best sellers or highlighting certain offers is a proven way to increase sales and put your products in the spotlight.

Designed to the highest specification, the W50i shelving system gives products a premium look and permits more light to shine through, brightening the product and making it the star of the show. When used strategically in the store, this type of shelving will help to drive sales and make your retail space more appealing to your customers.

You can add light and warmth to your shelving system in minutes with the help of our magnetic LED light fittings. Low maintenance and simple to install, this type of flexible lighting gives you countless ways to attract new customers and keep them coming back for more. As well as attracting them towards specific merchandise, you can leave them with fond memories by using LED lighting to illuminate hero products at the checkout counter.

Creating ‘hero’ bays

Wire shelving and LED lighting can be used in a number of different ways to draw attention to specific bays. This can be done by using something as simple as a different coloured shelf or bay or by using LEDs to shine a light on special offers and particular products.

Our wire shelving systems are often used to make the customer feel like they’re in a different environment, which is an incredibly cost-effective way to segment a store. Simply changing the shelving can differentiate one part of the shop from another to create a mindset change and promote additional purchases.

However, too many different features can make a store feel disjointed, removing any continuity and making the store feel more like a jumble sale. That’s why maintaining consistency and calling out to products or deals selectively is so important.

If you need help to create the right look for your store, we also offer a design and consultancy service. We will work with you to design an innovative and cost-effective shelving solution that creates the effect you are looking for. To find out more, please get in touch with our team.

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