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Garment Rail & Oval Rear Support Bar with Notched Arm Bay

Garment Rail & Oval Rear Support Bar with Notched Arm Bay

SG50 Shelving System

Garment rails and oval rear support bars with sloping notched arms are easy and convenient ways to display clothing and hanging goods.


  • Stylish chrome finish
  • Available to suit 1000 & 1250 modules
  • Quick and easy to install.

Useful Information

  • Please note Uprights 30, 60 & 80mm in depth are supplied 10mm longer than specified i.e. a 2200mm Upright is supplied at 2210mm in length. Remember to allow for foot adjustment when calculating ceiling heights. If using a Baseleg you need to deduct 100mm off the Upright height, i.e. 2100mm Upright including baseleg would leave 2000mm of back panel requirement. Please see below to the back panel configurations for all Upright heights. 
  • PVC Top Caps and Gondola Covers can be used to finish the bay. 
  • Ticket Moulding and Plinth colours can be matched on to the bay and available in several colours; Jura White, Silver, Dark Grey, Blue, Green, Red and Black.
  • Instead of using a Plinth, there is the option to have a Base Drawer Unit that gives you added storage underneath the bay. The Base Drawer is available in two sizes; 1000x370 and 1000x470.
  • Perforated and Slatwall Back Panels can be used on the bay. We recommend Plain for all PETG bays.
  • The Notch bar is available in 420mm length and the Bar Hook Single in 250mm depth on the bay. 
  • The garment rail is 350mm in depth from the bay.
  • This bay is available in Silver.

Technical Information

Comprehensive guide to help you identify the sizes and colours in our range.  If you would like any more information, please contact the team or request a brochure.

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