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Fabulous Examples of Retail Shelving

Ryan Willis

It’ll probably come as no surprise that the team here at Nabco are passionate about retail shelving and the many creative ways that architects, designers and shopfitters create wonderful spaces that attract shoppers around the world.

Given our shelving obsession, we wanted to showcase and highlight a few of our favourite examples of shopfitters and designers earning their keep. Every shelf tells a story, so here are some of our favourite examples of 'shelf expression’ from small independent stores to global retailers.

1. Rustic

When it’s a good fit for the product, we love the use of rustic wood, reclaimed boxes and palettes to create a natural and inviting look.

2. Nautical

Create a beach or seaside theme in your store with inspiration from some of these swashbuckling shelving designs.

3. Clean

Sometimes there’s nothing better than contemporary, modern and minimalist shelving designs with beautiful clean lines to show your products in the best possible light.

4. Colourful

In contrast to minimalist retail design, sometimes a more colourful approach can really help to brighten your space and make your products pop.

5. Functional

When it comes to functional retail shelving, the Nabco range is impossible to beat. We also create lots of custom shelving designs for our clients to help them with specific requirements that ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions don’t quite meet.

6. Well-Lit

There’s no better way to draw customers’ attention to your product than by spotlighting certain displays. At Nabco, we have a quick and easy LED shelf lighting system with a simple magnetic strip that you can fit and move in minutes.

7. Just Plain Crazy

Sometimes there’s nothing else for it but to let those creative juices flow. And when you do, you could end up with something a bit like this…

Express Your Shelf!

Whether you’re planning to launch a new store or are redesigning your existing retail business, we have a fantastic range of shelving solutions and accessories to take your store design to the next level.  Take a look at our shelving ranges, request a brochure or get in touch to find out more.


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