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Eye-Catching Retail Displays and Tips to Create Your Own

Ryan Willis

The retail display is an ever-evolving art form, but while some retailers are content to line up their products on risers, other stores prefer to tell a story and create colourful, imaginative and eye-catching displays.

Many larger retailers will have specialist visual merchandising teams whose sole job is to create super store environments, but just because you can’t afford a specialist, that doesn’t mean you can’t make your own attractive displays.

The basics of creating beautiful retail displays

The first step to take before you go anywhere near your own displays is to work out the best layout for your store. You should then think about the products you want to promote. Only then should you start creating your displays. Here are our top tips, along with a few real-world examples.

Keep the customer in mind

The customer should always be at the forefront of your mind. Think about the reasons why they visit your store and make it easy to find the products that are most important to them. Grouping your products will make them easier to find.

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Remember the basics

There are a few simple visual merchandising rules that even the specialists follow:

  • Less is more - keep your displays simple and uncluttered. Minimalism can be extremely effective as you can see in the example below
  • The rule of three - an odd number of products keeps the eye moving and has more aesthetic appeal (find out why).
  • Repetition - if you’re stuck for an idea, using identical elements can have an impactful appeal.

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Tell a story

Creating a theme with your displays will help to grab customers' attention and intrigue. What about a Great British Bake Off theme for your baking and kitchenware, or a World Cup display for your sporting equipment?

The below display by Levis, entitled 'How will Peter get home tonight?', tells a story that provides some context for the products you see.

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Coordinate and cross-sell

Positioning complementary products together allows customers to visualise how different items will look in their home and could encourage them to try something new.

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Be bold with colour

Don’t be afraid of a little bit of colour. Neutrals might be safer, but they aren’t as effective at capturing customers’ attention. You can use multiple shades of the same colour or completely contrasting colours to achieve results.

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Everything you need to create your own retail displays

At Nabco, we have an excellent range of contemporary, high-quality shop shelving and accessories so you can create your own eye-catching retail displays. Easy to use and excellent value, our first-class product range has been designed to enhance your retail environment. View our ranges or request a brochure today.

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