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Christmas Merchandising Tips for Retailers

Ryan Willis

Christmas will soon be upon us again (terrifying isn’t it?!), and for retailers it’s critical you make this time of year count. When it comes to increasing your in-store sales, it’s essential you put a strategy in place to help you make it through the festive rush in one piece, while giving your sales a seasonal boost. With that in mind, here are our top merchandising tips for retailers and shopfitters to entice those all-important Christmas shoppers.

The Power of Visual Promotion

During the Christmas rush, the temptation is to make the most of every inch of available space to get your stock out on the shop floor. This approach will only prove to be effective if your stock is displayed in the right way. Visual displays, such as cleverly placed dump bins, free standing display units and bold signage at the till can help you sell more, while maintaining the appearance of your store.

You can also create visual displays that are branded with your business logo and colours, helping to create a cohesive, credible and familiar appearance, rather than a festive free-for-all.

Boost Impulse Buys

The seasonal rush provides huge potential to boost the sales of those often forgotten Christmas essentials. Strategically placed product displays and dump bins in close proximity to the tills can increase impulse buys dramatically. Grouping similar products together, like Sellotape, wrapping paper, bows and gift tags, will give your customers more reason to stay in your store and keep on spending.

Give Some Smaller Ticket Items Pride of Place

Making the most of smaller seasonal items can be a great way to increase your sales. Stocking fillers are big business in the run up to Christmas, and by placing some of these smaller ticket items next to more expensive products, you can increase your ability to up-sell. This type of item performs well near the checkout, or by the fitting rooms if you’re a clothing retailer. You can even consider selling those smaller items with the stocking itself.

Stay On Brand and Be Consistent

With the Christmas period so crucial to retailers, the temptation can be to overdo the festive visual merchandising efforts and create a faux-snow laden, tinsel-tousled mess. It’s essential to show some restraint and keep your brand, and your customers, at the forefront of everything you do.

Most importantly, don’t let your displays disturb your customers. The idea is that your merchandising efforts enhance, not act as an encumbrance to the overall shopping experience. Your customers should be able to navigate the store without having to overcome obstacles to locate the products they need.

You should also maintain the consistency of your brand across your shelving and displays. This will help your customers recognise your store amidst the chaos of the Christmas shopping experience.

Our innovative retail shelving solutions and shelf accessories help you build memorable merchandising displays that attract customers and boost your Christmas sales. Browse our range of products or learn more about our bespoke design service by contacting the Nabco team today.

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