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Can Aldi & Lidl Challenge Supermarket Giants?

Ryan Willis

To start, where do you do your grocery shopping? Does one supermarket chain hold your loyalty or do you share it amongst a group of them? Perhaps you can’t abide supermarkets, and prefer small local shops instead? We each have our individual routines and habits in terms of how we shop, but we would assume that you have at least once set foot in a Tesco or Sainsbury’s?

The truth is that supermarket giants, Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Morrison’s dominate the grocery industry. Huge sales figures and vast stock demonstrate their importance as a commodity in modern family life. But now, there appears to be a shift approaching, an important social shift which will reshape the way in which we shop and class our recognized supermarket chains.

No Longer A Class Barrier

Aldi and Lidl have emerged as strong competitors to supermarket establishments boasting value for money and stock to match the bigger chains. Where a stigma once existed surrounding shopping in Aldi and Lidl, the masses seem to have recognised the astonishing benefits of shopping in smaller, better valued outlets.

The Daily Mail recently published an article, quoting that nearly half of wealthy households say they have shopped at budget stores in the past three months, which worked to highlight the growing awareness of such benefits and addressing the existing stigma.

What Does The Future Hold?

Much of Aldi and Lidl’s success stems from the positioning of the current financial climate, and as there continued success will continue to depend on the nation’s monetary health, but as they continue to add to their ranges, it is easy to imagine the likes of Tesco and Asda surrendering much of their customer base to Aldi and Lidl.

Do you shop in Aldi or Lidl? Let us know in the comments below.

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