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Best Christmas TV Ads 2016 & Why We Love ‘Em!

Ryan Willis

Get your Fair Isle-print tissues out because it’s the most wonderful time of the year – the time when all our favourite retailers do their utmost to have us laugh-crying (or, in our case, smile-bawling) until Christmas by bringing out their best, most heartfelt festive adverts.

There is some serious competition this year, including several which have had us more red-nosed than Rudolph; here’s a rundown of our faves...

Aldi & Kevin the Carrot

Even vegetarians aren’t safe from seasonally-induced food guilt this year, as we meet the lovable Kevin on his quest to meet Santa. Spoiler alert: Kevin meets Santa but ends up spending the rest of his life as reindeer bait, which we can’t decide if it’s cute or terrifying. Either way, we are 100% sure that Jim Broadbent has the best Christmas voice ever.

Why we love it: For Kevin’s little face and Jim Broadbent’s dulcet Father Christmas tones.

Sainsbury’s & The Greatest Gift

This one makes us want to run and call our dads this Christmastime. Meet Dave, a worked-off-his-feet family man who just wants to give his loved ones a wonderful gift. In the end he realises that somehow no one at his factory job can tell the difference between him and a range of toys with fake noses, probably getting him fired but allowing him to give his family the greatest Christmas gift of all.

Why we love it: Oh-so-many reasons! The nostalgic stop-frame animation, lovable Dave, the soon-to-be Christmas #1 song by James Corden (we’re calling it now), and the fact that you can actually buy Gingerbread Daves and filmmaking kits from Sainsbury’s and raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital at the same time.

Waitrose & #HomeForChristmas

We’re not crying, you’re crying. This year Waitrose have decided to cheer us all up with the heart-in-the-mouth tale of a robin trying to get home for Christmas against all the odds. It’s like a Christmassy version of The Revenant.

Why we love it: For the uplifting soundtrack and the sheer relief when that robin finally gets to its mince pie.

Marks & Spencer & Christmas with Love from Mrs Claus

Arguably one of the most heartstring-tugging tales of the whole season, this advert sees a little boy called Jake enlisting the help of Mrs Claus to replace his sister’s trainers that he accidentally fed to the family dog. Mrs Claus, of course, promptly delivers these via a snazzy red helicopter because - forget reindeers and sleighs - women get things done.

Why we love it: For Jake, who is like a less terrifying version of the adorable kid from The Babadook, and for Mrs Claus’ incredibly chic winter wardrobe.

Boots & The Gift of Beauty

Also celebrating women this year, Boots has launched this heartwarming ad for the 500,000 doctors, surgeons, nurses, firefighters and paramedics who give up their time to work over Christmas - giving them a festive pampering session and a party with their loved ones.

Why we love it: We love the idea of raising awareness of how many people sacrifice their Christmases in order to help others, plus there's something that’s just so nice about seeing deserving people get special treatment.

John Lewis & #BusterTheBoxer

Okay people, here it is – the one we’ve all been waiting for. The Big One. Once again, John Lewis has delivered our absolute favourite Christmas commercial of the lot, featuring Buster the bouncing boxer and his brand new trampoline.

Why we love it: Some people have complained that this year’s John Lewis ad isn’t as heartwarming as normal, but we personally love the choice to go funny this year - what’s better than a good old giggle at Christmas? We were getting a bit dehydrated from all those ad-induced tears anyway.

What's your favourite festive ad so far?  Send us a tweet and let us know!

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