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Autumn Inspiration: Preparing Your Shop for the New Season

Ryan Willis

While Autumn may not spell good news for the sun lovers among us, for retailers, the gusty-blustery, orange-leaved, rainy day, jeans’n’boots season means great things for business. So great, in fact, that the UK Card Association reported a whopping £4.6 billion increase in spending from Q3 to Q4 in 2016.

With so much opportunity to capitalise on, it’s important you get your shop ready for this super busy season. Here are our top five tips on making the most of Autumn.

Go seasonal!

First things first, make sure your shop looks as seasonal as possible. Whether you want to go for sophisticated autumnal foliage displays or full-on spooky Halloween decorations, dressing your shop for the season will make it look welcoming to customers, while also being up-to-date and relevant to what they are looking for. It’s especially helpful to look to the season for inspiration when it comes to your window displays. Not only will creative displays draw customers in, but they can also get them talking about you on social media. For more inspiration on how to design yours, check out our guide to creating the perfect window display.

Have a summer stock sale

In order to get your shop ready for autumn, you’ll need to have a clearout of summer stock first. The extra footfall that comes with the busy autumn season provides you with a great opportunity to shift your excess summer stock with a big sale. Not only will this help you make extra cash and clear some space, it’s also a great excuse to get customers into the shop where they’ll see all your new autumn stock and promotions.

Create seasonal promotions

Talking of promotions, there are so many opportunities for promotional campaigns throughout the new season, whether it’s pushing any gothic-looking produce around Halloween or running a full ‘back to school’ campaign. Remember to use your imagination too; you don’t just need to sell stationery or school uniforms to run a back to school, university or college campaign – you can also advertise products as being perfect for parents who now have a bit more time on their hands to relax, redecorate or rejuvenate!

Cater for early Christmas shoppers

While many of us don’t want to think about it this early in the year, a lot of people choose to spread the cost of the holiday season over the preceding months by starting their Christmas shopping early. Bear this in mind when considering the best time to launch your Christmas stock or gift-appropriate products; earlier is generally better than later.

Make the most of the weather

You might think that rainfall doesn’t necessarily equal footfall, but the dreary autumn weather can actually be great for enticing customers in over the new season – as long as you make your shop enticing, that is! Think cosy autumnal colours, just enough heating to warm customers without roasting them in their autumn coats, umbrella stands, and maybe even a little mulled something to sip on while they shop. If customers are going to choose a shop in which to shelter from the rain, make sure it’s yours!

Feeling inspired to get creative with your shop’s new season look? We’d love to see your autumnal displays and designs, so make sure to send them over to us on Facebook and Twitter. If you need a little more help or advice, contact us today to see how our specialist design service can help you perfect that seasonal look.

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