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Argos Set to Open Digital Stores Within Sainsbury’s

Ryan Willis

Leading UK merchandise retailer, Argos have teamed up with Supermarket giant Sainsbury’s to open 10 new Argos digital stores within existing Sainsbury’s supermarket. Both retailers have recognised the benefits to consumers in terms of both convenience and choice and will no doubt be keen to highlight the dramatic changes and the many benefits to their customers.

More Choice

The new format of these digital stores looks to provide customers with a choice of over 20,000 non-grocery products, bought either instantly in store or online, whilst 40,000 more other products will be available for a home delivery service. The size of these digital stores is expected to vary with variations from 1,000 to over 5,000 square feet.

John Walden, chief executive of Home Retail Group, says: “Our new distribution model allows us to provide customers in any Argos location with a choice of around 20,000 lines within hours, regardless of the size or stocking capacity of the store. This strategic capability has opened up options for a variety of new Argos stores and formats, and the possibility that we can now cost-effectively reach more customers and neighbourhoods with an Argos presence. I look forward to the results of the 10 store programme with Sainsbury’s and to understanding the full potential of this exciting opportunity.”

The move marks an exciting evolution for both retailers and could see other retailers and supermarket chains make similar moves.

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