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7 Celebrities in the Poundland Bargain Bucket

Ryan Willis

Releasing a new book or album must be a real moment in the life of a celebrity, full of pride and accomplishment, that the hours of work you put in, is now supported by tangible evidence of your success.

Conversely, finding the fruits of your labour in the Bargain Bucket at Poundland must be fairly demoralizing. Of course, as shoppers looking for a bargain, we welcome new additions to the celebrity bargain bucket.

So, who are a few of the celebrities who have seen their work find its way into the bargain bucket.

Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong’s disgrace following revelations about his drug usage saw the cycling star dramatically drop from favour in the eyes of public…right into the Poundland bargain bucket.

Olly Murs

It’s maybe not a huge surprise that Olly Mur’s 7 Deadly Sins of Football found its way onto the Replay shelf in Poundland. Perhaps stick to releasing albums, Olly.


This really begs the question as to the need for an Unofficial Jedward book? But one lucky shopper will no doubt be delighted with their bargain purchase.

Justin Bieber

The world is seemingly split in its opinion of Justin Bieber, but Poundland apparently don’t believe his book is worth even a WHOLE £1.

Nick Clegg

Admittedly, Nick Clegg isn’t the most popular person with the general public at the moment, but we’re sure he would feel a pang of disappointment if he knew that his book had found its way into the Poundland bargain bucket.


It was nice while it lasted but Westlife’s appearance in a Poundland Bargain Bucket would suggest that their glory days are long past.

George W Bush

That’s right, even the former President of the United States of America couldn’t escape the clutches of the Poundland Bargain Bucket.

Have you seen any celebrity releases on the shelves of your local Poundland, or perhaps in your local supermarket Bargain Bucket? Let us know in the comments section below.

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