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5 Ways to Reduce Your Shopping Bill

Ryan Willis

It’s that time of week again, time to go shopping at the local supermarket, but funds are a bit tight this month and you just know that bill is going to be big. However, customers shouldn’t despair, there are plenty of ways to reduce that all too familiar shopping bill.

Buy Reduced Items

If you take the time to actually look around the shop for products on offer, you’ll be surprised by how much you’ll find, if two or three of your main items are significantly reduced, that means a big saving.

Eat Before You Shop

Going shopping when you are hungry can only end badly. People who do this find themselves tempted by the treats on display and won’t be able to resist, meaning some big, unplanned additions to the shopping list and the eventual bill. Eat before you shop and fight the temptations.

Get In and Out Quickly

This is a real key trick. When you walk into a shop, mean business. Decide that you are going to be done quickly and efficiently and don’t allow yourself to be distracted by the new products on the shelf. Keep focused and your bank account will thank you.

Collect Discount Vouchers

Supermarkets are always offering discount vouchers with people’s shopping, even if its only for a tiny amount, a few pence here and there, to coin a phrase ‘Every Little Helps’. Collect whatever savings the supermarkets offer. If you have a lot of shopping to do, these savings will build up quickly and will be very welcome on future shopping bills.

Make a Shopping List

Reducing your bill can start long before you hit the supermarket. Write yourself a concise list, with only the goods you need to buy. Once you get to the shop, stick to it rigidly. If you stay loyal to your list, those goodies that you don’t need won’t cast a shadow over your finances.

Shopping shouldn’t fill you with dread in terms of monetary concerns. If you shop carefully and appropriately depending on your means, you can dramatically reduce your spend.

Do you have any key tricks to reducing your shopping spend, leave your comments below.

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